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AGA is a full-service representation firm for athletes seeking to optimize their brand. We provide athletes with comprehensive services to help them navigate the complex and ever-evolving brand landscape.
Distinguished by its culture of collaboration and exceptional client service, AGA's diverse team identifies, innovates, and amplifies opportunities for athletes and brands.

Brand building

AGA empowers athletes to build compelling personal brands by uncovering their unique qualities and strategically positioning them within the sports industry. Our expert team assists in crafting engaging content, boosting fan engagement, and fostering strategic partnerships to enhance an athlete's brand presence.

Brand Athlete Sourcing and Retainer Program

AGA specializes in athlete sourcing for brands, offering a retainer for ongoing services. Our expertise ensures seamless athlete integration into brand campaigns, fostering enduring partnerships. Through our retainer, brands gain consistent access to top-tier athletes, enhancing marketing strategies with authentic endorsements.

legal guidance

Experience a transition from sports to a successful business venture, showcasing versatility and determination. Our team, comprising individuals with diverse backgrounds in sports and legal expertise, offers comprehensive support. We empower athletes in the evolving landscape of brand management and Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL).

behind the brand

Our Team at AGA

Meet the AGA team – more than representatives, we're partners in optimizing athletes' brands. Our collaborative culture and exceptional service set us apart as we identify, innovate, and amplify opportunities for athletes and brands alike. Empowering athletes to build compelling personal brands, our team strategically positions them in the sports industry, crafts engaging content, and fosters strategic partnerships. Discover how we excel in maximizing social media impact, engaging fans, and providing comprehensive support. Meet the individuals who make AGA your go-to for navigating the evolving brand landscape and seizing Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) opportunities.



Kevin's journey from standout college football player to professional athlete in the NFL and CFL, followed by a successful stint in Australian rugby, showcases his versatility and determination. He then leveraged his sports industry insights for business development and later found a new mission in the NIL landscape, bridging the gap between brands and student-athletes for fair recognition and compensation, exemplifying resilience and commitment to excellence.



Eric, with a professional background in Quantity Surveying and a passion for sports, brings invaluable precision and organizational skills to our team at All Gas Athletic. His commitment to athlete’s success, combining construction management expertise with sports enthusiasm, ensures top-tier support for athletes looking to maximize their potential.



Connor Jackson, with over five years of experience in finance, corporate transactions, and sports agency advising, handles legal and compliance matters for AGA and its clients. As a graduate of Seton Hall University School of Law and Oberlin College, where he was a student-athlete in lacrosse and football, Connor is uniquely positioned to understand and support the aspirations of collegiate athletes, bringing his legal expertise and passion for empowering them to AGA.


Unlocking Opportunities

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